Dog has eaten fly trap. Re: Help--dog ate dip bait [Re: Canyon Tackle Box] #4776135 04/24/10 02:46 PM: Joined: Apr 2010. It is super cheap considering the amount of fur you put up with one bag. I have ALWAYS wormed bitches as soon as they come in season, then again 1-2wks before they are due to have the puppies. I've seen dogs eat stink bait, they lived. He was fine, but he had the worse smelling gas for about two days!!!!! IV fluid therapy may be necessary for dehydrated dogs while anti-seizure medication may be given to address convulsions and a respirator, or oxygen cage used to aid with breathing. I … just for anyone who has a goofy dog that eats fly traps. Get in touch with ADC, he makes dog proof bait that is in a league of its own. But exposure to insecticides -- especially after repated or heavy applications of chemicals -- may be toxic to dogs. According to the manufacturer of Combat® Roach Control System (1.65% hydramethylnon) a medium-sized (20 kg) dog would experience adverse effects from the bait itself only after eating an amount equivalent to 250 trays. It is a = violation of Federal=20 Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its = labeling. Other toxins that you might have tucked away in your garage, shed, basement or workshop include ice-melt, pool chemicals, rat/mouse bait or poison, mothballs, fly bait, compost fertilizers, cocoa mulch, citronella candles, plant bulbs and slug-snail bait (which contains metaldehyde). I worm the bitch again once pups are weaned and start worming puppies from 2wks of age. Whether you are fly fishing with your dog beside a river, casting into the surf from the beach, or fishing from a boat, follow these precautions: Keep all of your gear closed within your fly box or tackle box except when you need it. Golden Maldrin Directions for = Use. Pesticides poisoning in dogs transpires as a result of consuming or inhaling various forms of pesticides. Outdoorsman. Pesticide poisoning in dogs is not uncommon, namely because pesticides are readily used in and around the home or in public areas. F. FirewheelFisher. Usually the only thing a dog can't survive is meeting a car on the highway. Emesis would only be necessary if large amounts (greater than 1 ounce of bait/kg) were ingested. « Reply #8 on: October 12, 2010, 20:29 » Don't beat yourself up about it - I'm convinced there's something in bull terrier (or is that terror, lol) make-up that makes them want to eat absolutely everything that they shouldn't... and generally get away with it! Areas which are prone to flea and tick infestations tend to use various forms of insecticide (e.g., organophosphates and carbamates). Never had any problems and never had puppies poo out worms. Never leave flies, lures, hooks, bait… HOWEVER if you want a bait the coon will not walk by, get a bag of ADC bait. Moose ate the fly trap last night.... argh. = GOLDEN=20 MALRIN IS NOT TO BE USED INSIDE OR … If you believe your dog has ingested Golden Malrin Fly Bait in any amount, you should contact a vet or pet poison control immediately. GOLDEN MALRIN=AE = is a fly bait=20 formula containing Muscamone=AE Fly Attractant which encourages both = male and=20 female flies to remain in the treated area, thus feeding on the bait. Posts: 59. Couple years back, my dog ate my Danny Kings bait. Most anything with catch coon, marshmallow, Salman, tuna, cat food ect. Please consult the SDS for … FirewheelFisher. Hope your buddy gets better. As the insecticide is flushed out of your dog’s system, the veterinarian will focus on managing his or her symptoms.