In general hair pastes have a thicker consistency than pomades. oz. In general, guys with thinning hair will want to use matte products to style messy, textured hairstyles. You should also avoid hairspray since it tends to build up on curls and drag them down; the exception to this is a hairspray product that was designed to moisturize and define curls. The Best Medium Length Hairstyles For Men Regal Gentleman from All rights reserved. It’s much lighter than other styling products, but remember, you’ll want to start with a tiny amount so that your hair doesn’t collapse. A near-shaved length goes from freshly shaved up to 0.125 inches, which is a #1 in guard length. Mousse is another good product, but much like gel, it can also dry your hair if it’s not used properly. It makes hair look effortlessly styled w ith a medium hold and the lowest shine of all hair products. Some hairsprays are super light while others are super gripping. Then, use a hair dryer and vented brush to work the hair backwards into place. American Crew Fiber is a good starting point for a styling product. While a styling cream won’t have the same issue, most are too lightweight to hold and style short hair. On the other hand, we don’t recommend gel or cream. If you have fine or thinning hair, you should find a product that adds a little volume, such as a styling cream with fibers, a thickening pomade, or a hair wax for the fullness offered by beeswax. Hair wax tends to have a medium shine, although it depends on the particular brand. The best creams, pomades, and waxes are the top hair products for curly hair because they won’t dry it out.Remember that different ingredients will have different effects. It can also keep your hair from ballooning and prevent frizz. Best men’s hair products to achieve any style. To style, first apply a moisturising spray or smoothing cream to damp, towel-dried hair to keep frizz at bay. © 2021 Condé Nast. Just remember that different styling products are needed for thin or thick straight hair as well. Suitable for all hair types, it provides a medium-strength hold while giving you a nice shine. That’s a win for us, because it means we get more variety in the marketplace. For a long time the hair styling weapon of choice for women, hair spray is creeping in as a hair product for men too. With a fade or undercut on the sides and longer hair on top, there are many cool medium haircuts to try right now, including the comb over, slick back, faux hawk, quiff, pompadour, side part, and textured messy hair. What salt spray is for: Volume, texture, definition. That’s changed! Similarly, if you want a shiny look, a product with moderate to high shine is required. Cream is great for medium and longer styles. Waxes are similar to pomades, although pomades have a higher hold. If you’re going to grow your hair out, then get an oil, warm a few drops in your palms, and comb it through the strands every morning, especially targeting the ends. The Epic Male Style Guide for Achieving a Wet Hair Look Effect. Grow your hair out even longer and tie your hair back into a man bun. All that being said, we do love true pomades, but suggest considering saving them for special occasions or buttoned-up looks. HOW TO USE: Work into wet hair, comb, and let dry naturally for a wet look. Ultimately, you’ll want a strong hair product to keep your hairstyle in place and looking good all day. If your hair is on the thicker side of fine, a product like Hanz de Fuko Claymation might give you better results. To style medium length hair for men, start by holding a blow dryer 2-3 inches from your head, and working in 1-3 inch sections to dry your hair from the tips to the roots. Medium length hairstyles for men are more popular than they’ve been in decades, thanks in part to the proliferation of choice cuts like pompadours and faux hawks. When applied to towel-dried hair (as opposed to dry hair), you turn the dial up on both hold and shine. But then it gets even more complex. Hair paste is a go-to, everyday styling product that will slightly add shine, texture, and depth to men with short and medium length hair. The 3 Best Men’s Hair Products For Curly Hair. And this medium length hairstyle doesn't need too much maintenance it is easy to style and usage. GQ may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. If your hair grows from the follicle outward without any bending, twisting, or curling, you have straight hair. So avoid any oils that are solely targeted to beards, face, or body. Nevertheless, don’t forget that enhancing your waves to leverage your unique hair type is also a very nice styling option. That’s the salt water absorbing excess grease and texturizing everything: Salt spray replicates this. Which is why every Dove Men+Care product is designed to fortify hair, as well as give you the look you want. Regardless of your face shape, hair type or texture, there are many sexy styles that go with medium haircuts. A light-hold hair cream or clay is ideal for maximum volume and movement, and a high-quality moisturizing spray can be used as a finishing touch to help smooth down flyaways. : Medium/long lengths and fans of texture. Styling your hair, however, is an entirely different matter. From medium short to medium long, these men’s haircuts provide more styling flexibility than just short or long hair. Using a blow dryer, put you head down and begin directing air upwards to the scalp until fully dry. For hair that always holds strong. The other is that no matter which style you land on, you'll need some quality hair products to sustain it. Wavy Hair Comb Over. Go ahead and explore these ideas below; you’ll realize there’s a nice middle ground between short and looking like a Viking. However, there are plenty of good styling products that provide moisture for wavy hair. (Shampoo can dry out the hair and be damaging when used daily.) To help with the last part, I’ve put together a collection of the top 75 best men’s medium hairstyles for thick hair. Some oils in these styling products will coat the hair shaft, thereby preventing the effects of humidity and locking in moisture. What wax is for: High hold, low to medium shine. Though just about any styling product can help you achieve the results you’re after, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s pretty easy to weigh down your straight hair and leave it looking flat and limp. What paste is for: Medium hold, light shine when applied dry; High hold, medium shine when applied damp. What makes it even more complicated is that many brands will make hybrid products, or alter the traditional characteristics of a type of product to their own liking. Use a brush to take down any unwanted volume on the top on sides. Ingredients in other products may help to relax tight curls slightly, resulting in a more natural look. No two stylers work the same way, especially when applied to different hair types, lengths, or densities. The best men’s hair products for thin hair are pomades, waxes, and matte creams. Whether you have thick, thin, wavy, or curly hair and want a short, medium, or long hairstyle, this guide will help you get the top men’s hair products. Hair styling seems straightforward, but it's often mussed in execution. Gels aren’t liquid cement anymore, even if they are still giving you high hold and high shine. We researched and tested the best body hair ... Sea salt spray can help you get that textured beach hair look you've been wanting. It’s a great product for more stylish haircuts and for … Anything longer, and you’ll want to swap it out for something lighter like a fiber or clay. Next, apply a medium-to-high-shine hair product such as a pomade or grooming cream from root to tip and comb the hair back. Start with clean, towel-dried hair. Paste is also one of the best men’s products for thin hair: Apply a small amount to dry hair for a lightweight lift that doesn’t suffocate the follicles. #44: Mid Length Hair with Side Burn Fade. Hairspray is the surefire way to keep your style in place, especially if you’ve opted for a lighter-weight product as your foundation. Slicked Back Men's Medium Hairstyle Number one is the slicked-back style! Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, 4.2 Ounce Bottle, 10 Best Men’s Hair Products For Long Hair. For this reason, the best hair products for wavy hair are pomades and creams, but don’t rule out wax and clay variations. Sea Salt Spray. Also known as shoulder length haircuts because the cut keeps your hair just above or below the shoulder, medium length hairstyles are versatile and trendy. Since 1957, GQ has inspired men to look sharper and live smarter with its unparalleled coverage of style, culture, and beyond. It also gives you “touchable”, controlled hair when applied to towel-dried hair, meaning your style won’t feel suffocated despite the paste’s all-day staying power. Style your way to a good hair day with our top picks for men’s hair wax. When picking the best hair products for curly hair, men should concentrate on definition, hold, and moisture. You can even use a moisture-rich hairspray after creating your style to further condition your hair. Whenever you visit the ocean, your hair dries into a perfectly effortless, photo-ready state, right? This hairstyle is extremely versatile and suits on almost all face types. Though there are exceptions to every rule, most guys with long hair find pomades and waxes too strong and sticky for the best long men’s hairstyles. 7. To help with the last part, I’ve put together a collection of the top 75 best men’s medium hairstyles for thick hair. What pomade is for: Medium hold, high shine. Modern Asymmetrical Cut . Putty is the best men’s hair styling product on the planet and has won numerous awards. Here are the 15 best hair products for men. Are you in the market for a body wash? Browse through these 22 popular types of men's hair products to … In our books, if you’re after a product that will give your mane that cool, messy effect, the TONI&GUY Messy Salt Spray is the best one to try. Hair gel is the most commonly used hair styling product for men. These types of styles will cover more surface area and prevent exposing the scalp. (Doing this incorrectly might either render the product ineffective, or give you the opposite kind of hold, shine, texture, and volume that you wished for.). By Robert Leedham, Adrian Clark, Aaron Toumazou 23 November 2020. When choosing men’s long hair products, a good clay or styling cream is generally your best bet, but hairspray can also play a role in your daily routine if you pick the right one. Finding the right styling products for your hair type may require some experimentation, but this guide is a great resource to start with. Finally, if you want to define each curl, consider a moisturizing, curl enhancer to define and control. With this information in mind, choosing the best hair products for men will no longer be a challenge. If you’ve got curly hair and an impressive beard, the best product for you to use is the TIGI Bed Head Lion Tamer Beard and Hair Balm. Pomade is more relaxed than a gel, which makes you look more relaxed, too. Ad Choices. Hair wax is one of the most versatile styling products for men - but only for guys with certain hair types. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. But if you read these descriptions below for each kind of product, be sure the product you ultimately buy matches up. 3 Medium Length Curly Hair; 4 Long Curly Hair; 5 Best Men’s Curly Hair Products. They keep it healthy and strong, too. View ... Grooming cream is especially good for medium to long-ish hair since it gives a little bit of hold but still leaves movement. So, in short, there is a lot to know about each product, and how they play out for different lengths, densities, hair texture, and styling goals. If you have natural waves in your hair, you can brush it back after drying and let it take on its own style. The best hair products for curly hair men are those that accentuate and define curls, provide a strong hold, ample moisture, and lock out humidity. So, pick clay if you know you aren’t going to disrupt the hair’s equilibrium throughout the day. At the same time, we wouldn’t rule out using a hair loss shampoo and conditioner to stop thinning and stimulate hair growth. The Results: Ultra coiffed, usually slick with medium-to-high shine and medium hold.Think Mad Men style.. Get the slick look, without the dry helmet-crunch of gel and more flexibility! It's safe to say that ... Clay provides a matte to semi-matte texture and gives your hair medium to high hold. Men with wavy hair should always be looking for products that offer up moisture and lock it in all day. The hair on top is left longer to allow for good styling. Follow with another styler, or enjoy the texturized, intentionally disheveled look that you get without any additional steps. Hair gel is the most commonly used hair styling product for men. It is one of the best products for men with curly hair—that is, if they want to make those curls as curly as possible. Take control with Dove Men+Care Taming Gel. Hair products for men with long hair should do two things: nourish your hair with vitamins, minerals, and moisture while holding your long hairstyle in place. In a medium length hairstyle, you have a wide option for styling your hair every day. Some pastes provide higher hold than others. Styling male medium-length hair is not as easy as it seems but it can be made easier by following these two tips: 1. What’s more, when using the best hair product for wavy hair, men who start with quality shampoos and conditioners will have better results. BEST FOR: Strong holds and wet looks. First, a few words about “hold” and “shine.” Both are words commonly used in describing hair products and it’s important to know what they mean as you shop for products that fit your hair type, look, and style. Pastes, pomades and everything in between. Wax adds texture to short hair—anything grown out slight past the buzz. Of course, those are just two among an ample range of mid-length hairstyles and haircuts. It adds texture and definition to short and medium styles, when applied dry. There are two central themes running throughout this article. We rounded up the best hair products for men with long hair, because as your mane gets longer, so does the list of goops and creams required to keep it looking great. Dove Men+Care hair styling products effortlessly fortify and define. Furthermore, don’t choose products that offer a great deal of shine as this can make your hair appear greasy. In the past couple of years, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in men’s hair styling products. The extra volume will have a thickening effect and allow you to style a number of cool haircuts. We like adding a drop to our clay, paste, cream, or fiber for a subtle sheen, since it helps the hair catch the light and seem textured and fuller, without making it look greasy or unwashed. With most fibers, you’ll get little to no shine; it’s almost like perfectly tousled bedhead. Using a top men’s hair product, guys will style their hair up and back for an effortless flow. Medium length hair can be the perfect length for women who want a gorgeous look without the maintenance of long hair. Hair oil is also terrific in long styles as a tamer and nourisher, since the ends of your long hairs rarely get the same natural hydration from your scalp’s sebum production (this risks them getting split ends and being dry, brittle, and untamed). Hair cream is effective at taming strays on longer stylers, too. Many guys are not able to set their hairs for a long time. Tea Tree Shaping Hair Styling Cream, Strong Hold, Matte Finish, American Crew Forming Cream, 3 oz, Pliable Hold with Medium Shine, Living proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream, 8 Fl Oz. Sea Salt Spray. First things first: Take care of your hair! According to statistics released by Google, there is now more interest in men’s hair than women’s. Another benefit comes from the heaps of texture it adds to all types of hair. You can use wax on a variety of hairstyles, especially those that require a comb (side part, pompadour, etc.). Looking to get the best hair products for men with long hair? Rarely will you use hairspray on its own; instead, keep it around for especially hot or humid days, when the heat and sweat might otherwise compromise a style with a lot of volume. Beard care has never been simpler. Then, brush your hair and part it, tucking the sides behind your ears. From medium short to medium long, these men’s haircuts provide more styling flexibility than just short or long hair. Best Hair Products For Men On Amazon 2020 Long Thin Thick Hair Rolling Stone from Hair pastes are probably the most versatile men’s hair products and can be used for practically any hairstyle. Or, you can tuck strays into place by warming wax on your fingertips and gently grazing it over anything that pops out from the rest of the carefully put-together style. You’ll get more texture with clay than with paste, but it’ll also be less “touchable” than paste. The best creams, pomades, and waxes are the top hair products for curly hair because they won’t dry it out.Remember that different ingredients will have different effects. The Burr Cut is a haircut that has the w… Some “pomades” aren’t pomades at all. If you need a more comb-able product for thick hair, we suggest switching from fiber to clay, and applying it towel-dried. ... All you need to do is use some hair products and style as you like. The first thing you should do is take care of your hair and maintain it in top shape. Next, apply a medium-to-high-shine hair product such as a pomade or grooming cream from root to tip and comb the hair back. How much texture and volume do you want to show? While a relative newcomer to the world of men’s styling products, sea salt spray is now a go-to option for men with medium to long hair. Style; Best men’s hair wax and pastes 2020: for short spikes to wavy surfer hair . Pomade also allows you to have a natural look while adding texture to your flat hair. Wavy hair grows out with anywhere from a slight wave to a relatively tight kink. Best multipurpose product for men with curly hair and beards. While an easy solution may be to ask your barber for a short haircut like a curly hair fade, buzz cut, crew cut, or fringe, some of the hottest modern styles require medium to longer length hair. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. To style, first apply a moisturising spray or smoothing cream to damp, towel-dried hair to keep frizz at bay. And for good reason, it offers the perfect balance between hold and volume. What clay is for: Medium hold, low shine when applied dry; High hold, medium shine when applied damp. For example, a good surf spray can give your long hair a sexy beach style that flows. Your shampoo and conditioner should hydrate, condition, and soften your hair to make it look shiny and healthy. Then, use a hair dryer and vented brush to work the hair backwards into place. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. 6. Dry shampoo is a stellar product for men with thin hair; it absorbs excess oil from the scalp and hair, allowing you to go one extra day without shampooing in the shower. It defines wavy longer hair being perfect for curls and waves. Hair oil can prevent or reverse all of that. On the non-shampoo mornings, give your dry hair a sprinkle or spray with dry shampoo (depending on whether it is a powder or aerosol—you’ll see both formats). The original slicked-back hair styler—think The Outsiders, Mad Men, and Grease. Beeswax and kaolin clay are two ingredients that can help in this regard. Spray 8-12 inches from hair. These medium length cuts will help you avoid the barber more often, while keeping your hair just as dapper as the way you dress. I recommend you to use hair straightener spray to set your hair for long-lasting. In fact, you should look for products that you can use on wet or damp hair in order to achieve a simpler styling experience. Moreover, you may need to find a product that works for long curly hair or thinning short hair, so consider your combination of hair type and length.