I couldn't track down much information on this fabulous '90s toy, so I'm guessing it went straight from endangered to extinct without my noticing — which is a shame, really, considering how much I loved creating "fashion-forward" faces with blue eyeshadow and red lips to live out my adolescent dreams of wearing "real" makeup. We look back at the shops from the 80’s and 90’s and 00’s that we all willingly shopped at, and in some cases were unwillingly dragged around by family members. If you search really hard, you can still find a couple of Sam Goody stores scattered here … In the ’80s, Magnavox made everything from video cameras to the earliest video game console toy. Especially, and sadly in light of their production status, the '90s toys that don't exist anymore. Hard. Puppy Surprise was a gamble, because you could end up with three, four or five puppies to play with. A near mint-condition My Little Pony from 1993 is currently on eBay for almost two hundred dollars . Millionaires From The 1970s And '80s Who Managed To … That’s certainly the case with the awkward … The original Bop It was a long shape and had less functions, but then the newer, more exciting Bop It Extreme came out, and we all lost our tiny minds. The first toy that we were ever told to draw on, and one that still has a special place in our hearts. 90s food was a time for exploration. Brenda Miller. Just think of everything this Inspector Gadget of the girly doll world had to offer: stickers, roller stamp and inkpad feet, super trendy clothes. Then Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Gremlins came along and people realized the gap between "PG" and "R" was maybe a little too wide. The "PG-13" rating didn't exist until 1984, so before that PG movies got away with a lot more. For the bargain price of around $15 bucks, you can still score a circa 1992 Sally Secrets doll online — which, c'mon, is a pretty great score. Of course, more tech-minded pet lovers were all about the Teksta, who was neither cute nor fluffy, but could do much more impressive tricks and put our Fur Real spaniel to shame. KayBee Toy & Hobby turned into K-B Toys by 1997. Thom McAn was a chain of shoe stores that had over 1,400 stores at its peak in the 1960s. Can you believe the very first Potato Head came out in 1949?! '90s Cartoon Characters You Had No Idea Were Gay ... Let me make one thing perfectly clear: The fact that there are no longer Apple Newtons readily available is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. Elmo was released in 1996, and the shelves were empty in minutes – people went nuts for him! Kids nowadays just don’t know what they’re missing! Game Boys were EVERYWHERE in the '90s and if you still happen to have yours, it could be worth something. 3. The first of many playground fads, Gogo Crazy Bones were basically just tiny plastic monsters, but weirdly addictive and totally collectible. You’ve probably still got a bagful in the loft. Let's stroll. Looking back, the "high-tech" Pocket Locker wasn't so hip after all. If you didn’t have this game, at least four of your friends definitely did, meaning you still got to spend plenty of time mashing the buttons as hard as possible to chomp those pesky marbles. Some Tickle Me Elmos sold for hundreds of pounds, so if you’ve still got yours, it might be worth popping him on eBay…. Thanks to online consignment sites like eBay and even Amazon, you can buy nearly anything nowadays... including blasts from the past. It was an exciting time for play for all ages – not only were classics like dolls and teddies getting clever new updates, games consoles were appearing, giving us new technological addictions too. Perhaps. A 90s childhood wasn’t complete without the Spice Girls, and owning the doll of the band member you most related to was of the highest importance (we were Baby, in case you were wondering). Somehow ours always ended up with the fewest (sob). You wanted one because the characters from Friends had one on the back of their door, but never managed to get your dad to affix yours in your bedroom. We also made good use of the scheduler, even though every single appointment was ‘school, school, school… ‘, Troll Dolls were kind of a leftover from the 80s, but 90s kids still loved them just as much. 29. Bonus points if you styled their hair into anything other than the trademark pyramid (ours may have had pigtails at one point… ). The Best Snacks From The '90s That Sadly No Longer Exist. If you're of the camp who believes Cabbage Patch Kid dolls are creepy AF to being with, you probably weren't a fan of this snack-happy variety. However, you have to admit playing with it growing up made you feel like an oddly appealing combo of an OB-GYN and a mad scientist. via … His Balls Go Where?? We even invested in protective plastic tubes for ours. The creepiest toy of the '90s starts around $25. Brenda Miller. I, on the other hand, adored my Snacktime Cabbage Patch doll, even when she went straight-up bath salts and tried to chew off my little fingers. Remedy this, Nabisco. 20. Younger generations are missing out on our favorite stores that no longer exist, artifacts from another era that we feel lucky were once part of our lives. Will Christmas markets go ahead this year? Le sigh. If you actually drew anything that didn’t resemble a child let loose with a Sharpie on yours, you were a better Etch a Sketch owner than us. However, the company filed … Almost every 90s toybox had a Stretch, but a lucky few also had his sidekick, Fetch Armstrong, too! Ashley Lez. Given that Midge was like the perpetual little buddy of the Barbie world, it took a hot minute to adjust when she married Alan in 1991 and — shocker — started showing up on store shelves pregnant. I mean, it was basically a glorified address book. As in, you could pull the baby from her tiny magnetic uterus. Next up on our list of 90s toys, we have our first games console and one of the best on the planet; the Nintendo 64. As kids, we remember going shopping on a Saturday with our parents and friends. The ultimate gift for Slush Puppy aficianados, we circled this every year in the Argos catalogue for Christmas, but all those E-numbers meant that Santa never obliged. There’s a reason that kids AND parents were big fans of these…. Who knew tiny cardboard disks could be so exciting? Baby Born’s greedier cousin, although all she ate was milk and cherries, so she was definitely healthier than us and our McNuggets. Even formerly ubiquitous brands like Borders and Toys "R" Us couldn't keep up. In her defense, they probably did look like French fries. The chain got its start by the Kaufman Brothers, who opened a wholesale candy store in 1922 in Massachusetts. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. If you remember these, you’ll probably also recall the TV show of the same name, where the five main characters attended High Hope Dance Academy under the watchful eye of Queen Skyla. The dolls were recalled and ceased production in 1997. Shark Bites Candy. Toys That Everyone Loves, But Were Actually Invented By Mistake. Flip the skirt and these mini ladies turned into cupcakes, a trick which truly amazed our childhood selves. HitClips had a short life, but they remain in the hearts of every '90s kid. Hands up if you had his wife, Mrs Potato Head, too? The 50 Greatest Discontinued ’90s Foods and Beverages. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. It was a holiday tradition: In the '80s and '90s, kids across the nation would pore over the Toys 'R' Us "big book" every Christmas, dog-earring pages or circling coveted toys with a fat black Sharpie. But look at the bright side — we can always revisit these extinct '90s toys with a walk down memory lane. So, yeah, in hindsight,it's perhaps not too surprising that this version of Midge isn't sold in stores anymore. Maybe. Well, staying safe, apparently. Brenda Miller. How to stop drinking alcohol: 7 things I did that REALLY helped, 51 fantastic facts that will blow your kids’ minds, 25 kids’ party games that can be played outdoors or indoors, How to roast pork: How to cook roast pork with crackling, Child development stages: Ages 0-16 years. There are a few toys, though, from the '90s that completely slipped my mind, until I was going through some boxes and came across some that sparked some fun memories. But, real talk, they were super fun to play with and, hey, we all turned out OK. Of course, it's worth noting that anytime we talk about something "extinct," it has to be taken with a grain of salt. The sweet smell of these things will never fully leave our nostrils. Dec 15, 2020 - Explore Kissfan's board "Stores that are no longer around. Sadly the recession meant that Etam could no longer support Tammy and the stores were closed down. ), Dear Diary was the keeper of all of our childhood secrets, from first crushes to lies we’d told mum and dad – typed meticulously on those teeny tiny buttons. I guess it's not surprising this line of the popular brand's classic, cuddly toys was sent to pasture. Toys That Everyone Loves, But Were Actually Invented By Mistake. Unfortunately, legendary 1990s stores are disappearing on a daily basis, including the mall staples teens frequented decades ago. One look at their coloured manes and you can instantly hear that advert jingle – all together now, ‘My Little Pony, My Little Pony, we’ll never be apart… ‘. A race against time to fit shapes into holes might not sound like the most riveting of games, so why did we still spend hours slaving away trying to beat the clock? For Bustle conversations on everything from '90s nostalgia to being a woman online, check out our podcast, The Chat Room. The McDonald's Trends From the '80s And '90s Were Definitely The Best. It was actually the character’s appearance in 1995 film Toy Story that brought him back into fashion with children of the time. We take a look at the best toys of the 90s (we know that every generation thinks the toys of their childhood are the best, but when it comes to the 90s, we think it might just be true). HitClips were mini stereos … Across the United States, a large number of local stores and store chains that started between the 1920s and 1950s have become defunct since the late 1960s, when many chains were either consolidated or liquidated.Some may have been lost due to mergers, while others were affected by a phenomenon of large store closings in the 2010s known as the retail apocalypse. In the 90s, if you asked for a doll for Christmas or your birthday, you were getting a Baby Born and her real, authentic weeing function – she was basically the only option in the stores. However, they were discontinued in 1997 for presenting a "choking hazard." If you want to have a go at one now, here’s the whole tutorial in 90 seconds. So many wasted hours, but such satisfaction when all those fiddly rings were finally behooped. :(", followed by 216 people on Pinterest. The US-founded store, which opened its first UK branch in 1909, selling goods ranging from hardware to boiled sweets, records to toys, was a fixture until the company entered administration. These Are The Most Popular Women's Fashions From 1920 To … You can still get Dreamphone nowadays, but the original version was clearly the best – and if you didn’t ever play it at a sleepover, we highly recommend getting your girlfriends round for a game today (you never outgrow it, we promise… ). Okay, so 80s kids got the original Game Boy, but the Game Boy Colour brought your virtual world to life – especially when you were playing Pokemon Red and Blue…. See more ideas about childhood memories, the good old days, nostalgia. She also had a dummy that made her go to sleep in an instant, which made our expectations of real parenthood highly skewed. Were some of them slightly dangerous? However, by the time they’d told you their name was Coco and had said ‘yum’ twenty thousand times, you were ready to shut them in the airing cupboard (just us? You could entertain yourself for at least a solid hour getting reacquainted with her clever craftiness. The N64 was Nintendo’s fifth generation of gaming console and has gone on to produce some of the most loved characters in gaming history. https://www.bustle.com/articles/153914-7-90s-toys-that-dont-exist-anymore When we weren’t busy phoning our ultimate crush on the Dreamphone, we were whipping up treats in Mr Frosty and creating masterpieces (if we do say so ourselves) on the Magna Doodle. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories . The advent of actual PDAs and smart phones rendered the Pocket Locker, Dear Diary, and other similar gadgets obsolete, but I'll always have a special place in my heart for this technological anachronism. He was discontinued in 2007, so if there’s a copy in your cupboards, you’ve got yourself a little piece of toy history. For most 90s kids, this was your first, and most beloved pet. The Best Snacks From The '90s That Sadly No Longer Exist. If more than three girls were present, there was ALWAYS a fight over who got to be the pink and yellow rangers. But in the ’90s, the Magnavox name no longer held weight for … A time when fruit snacks, sodas, candies and fast food could be “extreme”, multi-colored and when food was expected to be loud. What was better during a hot summer day than watching the Splash Off Water Rocket zoom into the air with a spray of cool agua? When it comes to toys, no decade was more awesome than the ’90s. I loved going to the various toys stores to collect those things. In 1997, the Splash Off Water Rockets were recalled and taken off the assembly line. When trying to figure out where you’re going, sometimes it helps to look at where you came from and how you got to where you are today. Brenda Miller. We take a look at the best toys of the 90s (we know that every generation thinks the toys of their childhood are the best, but when it comes to the 90s, we think it might just be true). Initially, Furby seemed like a great idea – ‘he’s so CUTE’, we squealed. the Splash Off Water Rockets were recalled. While it has does have slight update — a light-up feature — the rest of the toy is the essentially the same. You can find more on our Soundcloud page. The original design included a toy inside, but since too many kids choked on it, they replaced it with candy. Creepy to start with, but loads of fun once you got used to her (read: once she had eyes). The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, better known as A&P, started as a mail order business around 1859. Here are 49 once-beloved stores that don't exist anymore. Mr. Bucket is one of those games that actually is a disguised learning activity … Did a few send potentially problematic messages? There was also a Talkgirl version too! A lot of those stores don't even exist anymore. If you were lucky enough to have a Nintendo 64 as a kid then you were probabl y the coolest kid in the classroom, if not the county.. ’90s kids still probably have the infectious jingle in their head, even though Wonder Balls are rarely on shelves anymore. They've been out of production for quite some time, in fact. Whether you were the kid playing with them or the parent buying them, you’ll definitely remember this lot…. They still make these! Trying to get all four balls into Mr Bucket’s mouth using plastic scoops was a struggle we all faced at some point. The Mighty Morphin team were always on our TV screens anyway – these plastic replicas just allowed us to carry on the action once the episode ended. Tracy Island was a phenomenon similar to Elmo – demand was so high that in 1993, Blue Peter designed a version you could make at home because the shops had run out. The major shift in style and popularity has made the old 90s generation of pony dolls vintage and sought out by collectors. Gobots. 10p for a square of chocolate was actually a con, when you realise that that would have bought you a Freddo at the time, but still, the joy when the block dropped out was worth the expense. Sam Goody. It was a retail toy store that treated kids like intellectual giants, ... Beloved '90s Stores That No Longer Exist. Advertisement. After watching Home Alone, everyone wanted one of these electronic recording devices, and after months of begging, most of us got one. 3 Care Bears Until you forgot to feed it for a day, and those sad little cross eyes appeared. The company filed for … Not as far as I can see. Raise your hand if you miss shopping at Wet Seal for your L.E.I. Exosquad It was fun while it lasted? Tandy Electronics Fashion Plates are still available today, but their cousin, Fashion Faces? Baby Sinclair. Pull the string and your Sky Dancer would take to the erm… sky, for a few tantalising seconds, much to your endless delight. Originally called Nestlé Magic, these chocolate balls, which contained a toy inside, were sold in the '90s. As if this lil' dino couldn't get any more horrifying, he talks when you pull his string. While there are so very many reasons growing up in the '90s was — as we so often said back then — all that and a bag of chips, one of the absolutely best has to have been the toys. Amazingly realistic pets, with none of the mess, noise, or 6am walkies. In fairness, you wouldn’t have been tall enough to reach it anyway. When is the best time to do Christmas food shopping. https://www.buzzfeed.com/briangalindo/stores-that-you-totally-forgot-existed I don't care what anyone says; this digital audio player was the bomb-dot-com.