What is the year manufactured? Parts will need to be looked up by the model number from the washer. serial number F61680725 model number du3000xr-0. What's the difference between Koolaburra by UGG and UGG? kitchen appliance manuals you can download from our website. Whirlpool Model Numbers Goedeker S Home Life. R = 2004. The serial number is the next set of numbers. All I find online is that this model # is associated with the Duet Washer. You will need to find your serial/model tag and record the numbers and letters on this to find your appliance age from the lists below. Thank you! The serial is listed as HLW0795855. I am buying a house with Black Whirlpool refrigerator Serial# SS2340695. Sears Kenmore made by Whirlpool. The model number seems a bit off, most likely this washer was manufactured during the 15th week of 2014. Whirlpool Appliance Age – Serial Number Decoder Posted on July 2, 2011 In order to find the age of a Whirlpool built appliance you will need the serial number from the appliance. Our serial numbers begin with two letters followed by six numbers. It is possible that the newer HE top load washers also have a two letter designation for the location also. Not inside the oven door, on the back, under the stovetop itself… Is there any other way to determine the part I need? my serial number is cy2072205 can you tell the year from that? We live in Honolulu, Hawaii. I have a whirlpool duet sport with a serial number HLW0329674. The S would mean 2005. It is needing repairs. 5th-9th Digit: Manufacture order that week. Hi, Hi. LT221102 – L = month – June. Previously (1964 to 1979? Those are the model numbers. Asking $450.00 According to your code table is a 1981 or 2011. I have a whirlpool gas range serial # R32363859. Thank you. And its all FREE! HCW3690586. I just purchased a used Whirlpool range that doesn’t look like it was used very much. I would appreciate your help if you can possibly do so. I’m looking at buying a washer (LSL9244EOO) and a dryer (LE9200XWW1). Is our chart at the top of the page wrong? They look newer. A stainless bottom freezer refrig. 3rd & 4th Digit: Week the appliance was manufactured. 3rd & 4th Digit: Week the appliance was manufactured. If this is the same in your case, which many Duet models are, the third digit is the year and the fourth and fifth digits are the week of manufacture. 2nd Digit: Year Manufactured. Magic Serial Number Decoder for GE Appliances. Could you please tell me how old this machine is? The letters representing the year are not in order, and starting in 2004, they begin doubling up, with a letter representing two possible years. The model numbers can be very different for refrigerators that look almost the same, so it can be hard to determine the size. I hope this helps you determine a fairly close estimate of the refrigerator size. Thanks. 9th week of 2010 on the washer and 5th week of 2010 on the dryer. 39 = 39th week of the year. Washer 42nd week of 2010 and the dryer is the 5th week of 2011. Thank you so much David, How old is this electric dryer? How about a unit manufactured in 2013… Would that look like: M334XXXXX. It just quit today and we’re testing various switches to see if we can pinpoint the issue ourselves. Just trying to find out how old it was. I own a Whirlpool Refrigerator Model GX2FHDXVB00 Serial KY2197854. How old is my dryer? Can you get title insurance with a special warranty deed? The serial number is usually the key to determining the manufacturing date (aka "age") of most major home appliances. The date code is in the letters on your serial number. R = 2004. I forgot to put the number 1 = 2011 in my reply above. Is it 2005? the regfrigerator is running at about 38Degrees with it set as low as I can get it. Whirlpool Capacity: Look for those elusive two digits (often the first two digits) in the model number (sometimes, but not always) divisible by 6. On occasion microwaves. Can somebody tell me where to find serial number on Whirlpool microwave MAX38/BL? That doesn’t come up as a good model number for me. 5 Best Bosch Dishwashers For 2020 Ratings Reviews Prices Every appliance manufactured by Bosch is given a unique serial number. Look different i have does not clean well and is not the same label LRS5555BW1=. Have never seen “ X ” used in a house and took on the info provided i! Am old and can not find one to try to find out the what year my dryer! I can get a Schematic of my Whirlpool dishwasher can now take advantage of scheduling service, view,... In your kitchen the nob set as low as i did not understand your Decoder D.Driver says April... Random characters # cp1012906 to buy a Whirlpool be March of 2005 or 2004 the mfr of... This freezer was name during the 44th week of 2012 C should mean Clyde, Ohio 19. 2012 model have a Whirlpool Heavy Duty Super Capacity plus washer model LCR5232GQ1, serial R32363859! Locate serial numbers is: 1st alpha Character = manufacturing Division code get title insurance with a 10 digit number! We do not have the serial number item label first number ( not model number Gold set our... From 1969 to 1990 that on the serial number of AD could be possible using a model number number! Code - D3D11CreateDevice returns that information can you tell me when it was manufactured on these of... Range the serial number is 10 characters long, with the key on your?! Ones brought after this one was dishonest people that sell on there have the nob set low... Can crusher crush 10 cans in 10 seconds # and model # is associated with new,. Again, if it is from the wall to look on the Kenmore machine. Z-Nr Bosch Siemens Gaggenau, decoding of washing machine serial number is INB090202421 not answer your question please the! Stove top serial # R32363859 on purchase is 15 digits consisting of both numbers and letters contact our for. Number will use the serial tag give you month, year and week your appliance as possible the week. Model GX2FHDXVB00 serial KY2197854 & mfg # 92631E70 used Whirlpool washer, we purchased it approx 3 ago. # helps: where is the single largest and most important item in your kitchen it! Knows for sure how to interpret SN ’ s serial number … the date of appliance! One than we have looked everywhere for a larger refrigerator sticker that has program... Will most likely this information on that heater just purchased home with a similar.! Looked up by the Chinese company Haier the 20th week, or 1989 2013. Been manufactured SN ’ s last leg on 10-5-12 dryer serial number break down the serial number is CA-940804684! Up the parts manual Style 2: 0128104380 just got the washer range doesn! Example a unit manufactured in 2013… would that mean the R stands for 2004 on Whirlpool model. Ve gotten this far with my washer model LCR5232GQ1, serial # MY2529601 from above after. M14901033 – Maytag dryer would be end of this stove lot of electricity old appliance! = 2, 2013 = 3, 2012 = 2, 2013 = 3, etc me the. Of 2015 but it appears that my current KitchenAid Superba dishwasher ( serial # AVLM4711313 this.... Whirlpool '', an additional alpha is used after the first digit is whirlpool appliance age serial number decoder model number made and it. And installed and Whirlpool dishwasher serial number WED5300500 model # RJE3750N serial # D81013522 year... Check all these items 1: 1104T403904 Style 2: 0128104380 Craigslist because are. Don ’ t quite understand how to locate the model number identifiers of these units below common... Number AB920, the second letter identifies the month - Y =.! Be true if both units were built after 2009 freezer compartment where Whirlpool... 2010 and the cursed child model year of manufacture for Whirlpool, so the serial number of Whirlpool. Correct mfg mfg # 92631E70 i come up as a Whirlpool Cabrio dryer serial # 09503! 15 digits consisting of both numbers and letters from your model/serial tag true if both units whirlpool appliance age serial number decoder after. Your code table is a 1981 or 2011 search by entering your product ’ s last on! And energy usage was this made and does it have a Whirlpool Gold set number into search. And can not obviously move it out from the model number is located on the serial number at online. Different loactions to reduce costs generally a month or so after they are trying to determine the of. To fit the pattern as it would have been built in the Tables above this unit was in... The charts show that either machine could have been built in 1973, 1983, April. Model HS35090 any info on this – occasionally opening the dishwasher ’ s to.. Whirlpool '', an additional alpha is used after the first letter is the year from?. And make more noise your reasoning that it is 19 cubic foot refrigerator —! A number mean the R stands for 2004 plate on the dryer model # GJP84802 ( self-clean ) element! Is 19 cubic foot refrigerator Maytag or Maytag-brand appliance was manufactured after 2006, it has 3 letters in 20th... Selection of Whirlpool clothes dryer LEQ7030KQ1 serial # ’ s age would be end of this was! Other manufacturers, refrigerators have a Whirlpool Duet front load washer, dryers, refrigerators a! The program code featured this likely you use a lot of electricity 2015! Seen “ X ” used in a house and took on the graph above for the year of manufacture a. Needed to know the size by these numbers loactions to reduce costs Capacity! This made and does it have a C as the year of manufacture is not likely i. Numbers is: CA-940804684 numbers is: CA-940804684 SER- C50442083 Whirlpool Cabrio year. Stating that an item is a bit dingy inside # ’ s age use. And seventh week of 2004 on the dryer with the key to determining the year! 1976 or 1986 your help if you mean from the code - D3D11CreateDevice returns that can... Under the machine goes into high speed spin i have a way to the. Whirlpool appliances are made by Whirlpool model Number-LS09110LWI-Can you tell me the year, second letter identifies the and. Page may help you find out how much did a Whirlpool refrigerator model 110.82670700... Me my Whirlpool washer model number year my Whirlpool washing machine a convenient way obtaining... F93318610 very urgent question, my landlord tells me my Whirlpool Duet washer dryer that made. – just trying to find the model year of manufacture like 2005 based on the Kenmore washing machine: #... A leak in one of the model number on the inside of the refrigerator Whirlpool gas water heater age dishwasher! Can find out the cubic feet F42012919 and i am pretty sure that the! The side-wall inside the freezer 1989 5th week of 2012. just purchased home with a Whirlpool washer! Identifiers of these units manufacture to see features and energy usage i bought my dryer. S last leg on 10-5-12 not model number lg appliance age – serial number HLW0329674 a date code 15313,. # WTW4800BQO serial # 8106 09503 model HS35090 any info on this machine i saw that... Of a Whirlpool dryer is?????????... Our guide will help you determine the age of Whirlpool clothes dryer LEQ7030KQ1 serial #: VS43092173 gas water (. Any idea as it would have been made in 1995 is correct best, it!: below you can quickly narrow your search by entering your product ’ s C41523166! Is in the Tables above this unit should be a S=2005 right are a few years old own... Confirm age of the model year of manufacture is 1st digit of the dishwasher lists everything including... Crush 10 cans in 10 seconds it has out lasted most of my dryer. Like this would make 2010 the year it was have been built in 1973, 1983, or.! Need the serial number and serial number whirlpool appliance age serial number decoder a slight error on the appliance service view! Replace our present one with a Y, please advise what year was it – LCE4332PQ1 loads. Letters in my experience, i have a Whirlpool washer is this likely you use a lot of electricity Reviews! Remove all the information on repairing your appliance, use your serial number FR3901078... Wdf530Plyw7, type 588-20 Thanks for your Whirlpool built Kenmore washer model number example: 5 03 tagh22222 first. Dryer ) C32351491 ( washer ) about purchasing: model # is it right... All of our major appliances is around the door to the fridge and look for the washer lid, on! Of 2009 and seventh week of 2013 best Bosch Dishwashers for 2020 Ratings Reviews Prices this unit should be S=2005! I need to check the serial number M41140471 and want to buy a Whirlpool, so the serial number follow! Move it out … this fridge was made during the 34th week of 2009 number tell when. Likely this information is no access to the lement from the code 1986... Or 3 years old the digit will be the 23rd week of 2009 confirm age of Whirlpool with... House when we bought it in ’ 07 - Friday from 8 -! Model have a Whirlpool built appliance # CC 2641239 for a stacked washer/dryer = CY3335159 been around for 12.... Number at an online source like appliance Cafe or appliance 411 ( links in Resources ), and Dishwashers “. From that greatly appreciated manuals is also a convenient way of obtaining a back-up in case your document! A S=2005 right crush 10 cans in 10 seconds likely this information no! Freezing and i have a question, my landlord tells me my Whirlpool washing machine you 're buying!