gat pack .177 air pistol. Or they can be collected in store. Pricing Information. The 4,5 mm. 7" Tapered rifled barrel, wooden stock and adjustable rear sight. Please contact us for details. Power is of little consequence with this type of beginners pistol, but … So when they launch a brand new product, it’s often to fill a perceived gap in the market. It cost me $10, and another $10 for shipping, and was worth the price, even if it ends up as a paperweight, which is likely! Armex Tomcat 80lbs Self-Cocking Pistol Crossbow - Black £ 59.99 Spare 150lb Crossbow Limb- Armex Branded - Black £ 33.59 28" Wooden Target Arrows - Pack of 5 £ 7.00 As you are probably aware, they're rather rough out of the box. Just got from and shot today, a Made in China Westlake :rolleyes: springer pistol. Call our team on 01924 860607 Superb break lever action general purpose air pistol with excellent specification. Sorry if its late, it took AGES to load -.- Currently unavailable Notify on availability. S2 Air Pistol "YOU COULD SAY I'M IMPRESSED" Chris Wright testing the S2 in Airgunner Magazine SMK. We use cookies to improve your website experience. Alex does a review on the Westlake spring airgun. smk does not sell directly to the public TO FIND YOUR LOCAL STOCKIST PLEASE FILL OUT THE ONLINE FORM OR GIVE US A CALL +44 (0) 1206 795333 MON- FRI, 9AM-5PM Get a Free Catalogue SMK S2 Air Pistol. Enfield Sports, Unit 1C, Becketts Farm, Alcester Rd, Wythall B47 6AJ, Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5.30pm - Saturday 9.30am till 4pm, Air Bottle Refills Birmingham Bromsgrove West Midlands, Enfield Sports Customer Guide to Ratting & Pest Control, Webley MK6 Battlefield .22 Pellet Revolver, Webley MKVI Service Revolver .22 Pellet Black, Webley MKVI 2.5 Inch Civilian .177 Battlefield Finish, Webley MKVI 2.5 Inch Civilian .177 Black Finish, Webley MKVI 2.5 Inch Civilian .22 Battlefield Finish, Webley MKVI 2.5 Inch Civilian .22 Black Finish, Diana Chaser Pellet Firing CO2 Air Pistol, Marksman Portable Gas Heater ideal for Outdoor Camping Fishing, Buckingham Collection 51" Leather Gun Slip - Brown, Enfield 20g Standard Shotgun Cleaning Kit in Plastic Case, ENFIELD 410g Plastic Snap Caps (One Pair), Nuprol Shooting Mat Target Shooting Sniper Roll Mat, FX Maverick VP Edition Black FAC Air Rifle, Armex TORPEDO 185lb Military Style Compound Crossbow Set, Kral Puncher Armour Black PCP Bullpup .177, Kral Puncher NP-01 Tactical PCP Pistol .177, Kral Puncher Breaker Bullpup PCP Synthetic Air Rifle, Gletcher CLT 1911 "617 Squadron" Special Edition - 1 of 75, Walther LGU Royale Limited Edition .177 Air Rifle - Number 1 of 100, Gletcher Mosin Nagant M1944 Steel .177 BB CO2 Air Rifle, Gunpower Stealth .22 PCP Air Rifle (Gun Only), Hardball Steel BBs - .177 - Bottle of 1,500, Hit & Miss Paper Targets – 40x40cm – Pack of 10. SMK S2.22 Westlake S2 Air Pistol.22 Calibre Superb break lever action general purpose air pistol with excellent specification. Please contact us if you require this service. of smoke came out of the end of the barrel. ). SMK .22 Westlake .22 Air Pistol Break Barrel - Spring Air Pistol (Ambidextrous) - S/H Private seller - Advertised for 30 days until 25/12/2020 for £30 . SMK S2 .22 Pellet Break Barrel Air Pistol JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. It also accepts .177-cal pellet for single-shot operation. caliber Compact is U Gamo's entry into the field of top-level match air pistols. :D It's a plain, sturdy looking pistol. Company registration number: 10304462 Registered in England and Wales VAT registration number: 250 982103 Errors and Omissions Excepted Budget air pistol with a … Have a question about this product? M15A1 APRING AIRSOFT CARBINE . Everything has been kept basic to create the lowest cost air pistol around, but it delivers better accuracy than you might expect for the price, and has genuine retro charm. Airgun Reviews, Airgun Pistol Reviews, Airgun Rifle Reviews, Airgun Pellet Reviews, Crosman Airgun Reviews, Custom Airgun Reviews first thing is … Here at Redbeck we offer a range of SMK Air Pistols. SMK kindly sent over two versions of the pistol, one in .177 and the other in .22. All at the best possible price. Milbro® reports a muzzle velocity of 200 feet per second, so it makes an ideal indoor or back garden plinker/target shooter and a great tool for teaching new shooters about gun safety, target acquisition and other basic shooting principles. Pickup from Hastings only OVER 18s. L R Nash (SMK) Ltd trading as Sportsmarketing SMK Commerce Way Whitehall Road Industrial Estate Colchester Essex CO2 8HH Map. IZH -46 ... SMK / BAM AIR RIFLE EM611 EM612 DB4 DB4 DELUX Z B42 SCOPE RAILS Z B42 TUNE UP ... Plans For Air Pistol Boxes Over … A break barrel air pistol made the old fashioned way, with a hardwood stock, leather seals, and a simple strip-metal trigger guard. The.22 Pellet Guns feature a fully adjutable sight connector and wooden stock. This makes it one of the few spring powered air pistols on the sight that is suitable for pest control and will dispatch of rats and squirrels up to around 10m. SMK S2 Air Pistol. This “Westlake” pistol is a China-made crappy SMK S2 pistol sold under fancy names like Westlake, Norconia, Tech Force etc. SMK or Sportsmarketing (as is their full name) have specialised over the last few years in bringing in affordable low cost air pistols, making them available to the masses. Possibly the best selling break action air rifle in the UK today, the B2. Was thinking of ordering an smk s2 pistol (the rifled barrel .177) for some cheap indoor shooting (my hallway is 55ft long) ... decently accurate for the price, and a great project gun, mine now has a air arms tx200 piston seal, cut down old tx200 spring, polished internals, polished trigger and re-sealed barrel, its great! Take a Break. I would like to get my Dad a cheap Air pistol for some close range plinking ,no more than 10 to 15 feet away ,cans plastic bottles , or paper targets , I have heard mixed reports on the smk s2 .177 are they that bad , can they hit what you aim at at close range,also what pellets are best with them. ... M439 - Air filling probe for SMK PCP rifles and pistols. ARMALITE. Calibre Possible delivery methods ... Air pistols can't be sent 'mail order' but they can be delivered to your local RFD subject to a fee. )to the piston skirts, spring and guide then oiled the trigger with some light machine oil. 7" tapered  barrel, wooden stock and adjustable rear sight. SMK S2.177 Westlake S2 Air Pistol .177 Calibre Superb break lever action general purpose air pistol with excellent specification. Must be ordered - delivery as soon as possible. 7" tapered barrel, wooden stock and adjustable rear sight. Webley tempest and hurricane air pistols SMK .177 CO2 Air Pistol (Ambidextrous) - S/H Break Barrel - Spring.22. By doing my research I have found out that it is a B2 WestLake .22. The SMK XS26 is one of the most powerful pistols we have ever stocked shooting a fraction under the legal limit of 6 ft/lbs. All air weapons, rifles and shotguns must be collected in person from Enfleld Sports. CLASSIC. Pellets aren't included - see the ammo section. Back by popular demand is the GAT PACK! I've just stripped mine down, though, and it makes a real difference. £90 US$120/€101. £39.95 Price. Remember we deliver air rifles & pistols straight to your door! They may also be sent to a your local Registered Firearms Dealer for collection in person. M415 - Front sight to fit Diana, Original. Yes, save your money for something better. 8002 S2 AIR RIFLE BLACK STOCK 9003 PREMIUM S2 PRECISE . Muzzle velocity close to 200fps and lousy accuracy. Hi all, I've obtained a cheap and nasty SMK XHS3 pistol, for when my mates want to shoot with me (so I can keep hold of my HW45! A powerful.22 caliber air pistol are ideal for recreational purposes sport, hunting and vermin control. i stripped the pistol down and basically couldn’t find anything wrong with it so i oiled the slightly dry leather piston seal, did a bit of polishing to the piston and trigger parts then cross hatched the cylinder, upon re-assembly, i applied a moderate amount of moly grease (from my works! As one of the largest suppliers of airguns to the UK market, Sportsmarketing certainly appear to have most bases covered. Mark Camoccio gets to grips with the brand new SMK XS26 Air Pistol . SMK S2 Air Pistol. They have recently been taken over by Remington who not only bring the Remington licence but also add their expertise and UK legal products to the already huge SMK lineup! Westlake .22 Air Pistol in very good used condition. Pellets aren't included - see the ammo section. S2 PISTOL Superb break-action general purpose air pistol with excellent specification: •7" tapered rifled barrel • Very powerful • Hardwood stock • Adjustable rear sight • Fires pellets and darts • Available in .177 only gamo compact air pistol. BAIKAL. SMK Air Rifles. Air Pistols. Telephone 01206 795333. You get a .177 air pistol with a reciprocating piston barrel (you push the pistol against the ground to cock it) darts, corks and pellets plus two targets on the back of the box. i will be showing you my project on improving the most basic of air rifles which can be bought brand new for under£40 this is the gun straight from the box.did a close range test shot at some cardboard and sparks and smoke were coming out , not a good sign. B91 - Breech seal for SMK/WESTLAKE S2 break barrel pistol, leather. You have plenty of videos about it on You Tube. I was recently given an air rifle by my uncle. Availability: Please call 0191 567 0147 for stock levels thanks BILLYCAN:) £12.00. The Victory CP2 is a single or multi shot CO2 pistol, the metal side bolt action has a smooth feel and the pistol has a superb contoured full hand grip. We will deliver your purchase to a verified Registered Firearms Dealer for £35.00. Let us know, SMK Universal Gun Cleaning Kit in Wooden Case SMKWOODMULTKIT, Alan Tyndall Ltd T/A Antics, Unit 1 Springfield Business Centre, Brunel Way, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire GL10 3SX, Antics Online Model Shops and Hobby Stores. I'm not used to springers, and enjoyed the little bit of kick that it had. Pellets aren't included see the ammo section. We have a selections of SMK Air Pistols such as the PPW700W, PPW700SA AND CP 2 air pistol. When I first fired it I noticed that it made a loud bang and LOADS! £4.00. This spring-piston, black polymer air pistol houses an 18-round BB magazine. Fax 01206 792679. All of our SMK Air Pistols can be bought with confidence and peace of mind. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.