5 stars. Watts: 1500. Olympian Wave 3 Installation 1996 Ford F250 1991 Lance 480. Camco Olympian Wave 3 LP Portable Gas Catalytic Heater. Also includes piezo automatic electric starter and 100% safety shut-off valve. Titanium heaters can get hot enough to melt acrylic. 2. Failure to do so will invalidate any guarantee. Area heated: 350 sq ft. Check out our oil filled heater reviews to find out which are the best selling models in 2020, and learn their pros and cons. Enjoy efficient heating for five years with minimal operation cost by the Camco Wave 3 gas catalytic heater, which uses low pressure LP gas. 12 ratings. That has got to look really pathetic from the outside. Reply. After a little reading I have found that the Wave-3 Wave-3 Catalytic Heater is a better heater than the much loved Mr. Heater Buddy. 4 (0) Camco 20103 Quick Hose Connect with Shutoff Valve By Camco USD $14.88. I have a Mr. Heater, but it gets to hot for my intended use (I end up sweating, or freezing). This might come off as a huge assumption for most. Since I had furnace problems last night, fortunately I had my down mummy bag and eight pound cotton and flannel bags, I kept warm after my furnace quit at midnight. 13 Reviews . Most of its products are top rated, for the reason that they provide with the best of functionality and high efficacy. Catalytic heaters like the # CAM57331 Wave 3 do indeed put out moisture as a byproduct of the heating process, it's unavoidable with that type of heater. Page 4 of 5 - Wave heater reviews - posted in Four Wheel Camper Discussions: Also, go Lions!! 4.7 out of 5 stars 8. I added a T and SS braided hose to reach the water heater access door area. No electricity, which is a bonus. This Camco heater is easy to use and has a piezo electric starter. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Camco Olympian Wave Heater Leg Stands - Converts Your Olympian Wave Heater into a Portable Style Heater , Fits All Olympian Wave Heaters: Wave 3, Wave 6, Wave 8 - 2 Pack (57701) at Amazon.com. 95. After doing some research, I've found that the best bet to keeping a large part of the condensation at bay is having … Also includes piezo automatic electric starter and 100% safety shut-off valve. Camco created another portable gas catalytic heater for vehicles, which provides a range of 1600 to 3000 BTU. 0 rating. Good quality 100% agree. wave spa headache. Camco 57341 Olympian Wave 6 Catalytic Heater Review: Very High Efficiency. Z-Wave Centralized Control We made a comparison of 12 hot wave 3 propane heaters over the past 3 years. I have attached a short video review that you can check out as well. I reached out to my contact at Camco regarding the Olympian Wave 3 Catalytic Safety Heater # CAM57331 and he said the heater requires at least 4" of clearance on each side and at least 30" of clearance from the front of the unit (where the heat is pushed out). This infrared heater is also low on maintenance and can either be wall mounted or fixed in your ceilings. Short wave heaters warm people and objects which directly intercept the short-wave beam from the emitter (lamp) rather than the air between them; the result is a pleasantly fresh warmth rather than warm air which in all too common adverse conditions experienced outside, can simple be blown away. 1 star. Faulty heater doesn't work. Two reasons: 1. of space warm. Most relevant. https://amzn.to/2GnLP3C Wave3 heater from Amazon's site This video is for entertainment purposes. They were supposed to send me a replacement part 3 weeks ago and still haven't even sent it. Share. Ratings: highest first. Unlike other heating systems that can sometimes be out by up to 3 °C, the RC Wave uses a digital thermostat to monitor your room temperature with exceptional precision, so you won’t waste energy by overheating your space. Heat Storm Tradesman Outdoor Garage and Patio Infrared Space Heater; 6. With a submersible heater, the tube should be about as long as your tank is high to allow for more even heating. 1. Free Shipping Camco Propane Heater. Warms up to 130 square feet or a 12' coach depending on outside temperature and ventilation. 2. I love this heater. Plus it was nice to see our homegrown 3rd string QB win them. 100% safety shut-off valve prevents non-ignition fuel discharge. It is also capable of providing ample amount of heat to keep 130sq.ft. Amps: 12.5. 1 rating. GB. FREE Delivery. Now sure whether you should buy a convection heater or an oil filled radiator? A high-quality aquarium heater should come with some kind of warranty or guarantee in case of failure. 3 stars. This heater is built in such a way that it will be able to provide a good heating experience for a long period of time. This catalytic heater from the brand is no different. The Wave 3 works perfect in providing a soft overall heated space. 5. Find which wave 3 propane heater is best. 4: Infrared Patio Heaters, 2000W Parasol Patio Heater with 3 Heating Panels, Folding Space 3. Best Outdoor Infrared Heaters Reviews 2020. Over 2 months of waiting and I still can't use the tub. 4 (0) Camco 59013 Single Stage Propane Low Press Regulator By Camco USD $19.95. The Camco 57331 Olympian Wave-3 is one of the most efficient heaters in the Olympian Wave series. First time they won two in a row in over 3 years. Would recommend 91% agree. But it was plenty cold when I got out of bed to go hunting. 4.5 (0) Camco 59035 12' Propane Supply Hose By Camco USD $49.95. Product Reviews Camco Olympian Wave-3 Heater (3000 BTU) Condition: All; New; Pre-Owned; 4.4 4.4 out of 5 stars. 2 stars. Most recent. As of our top … The Mr. Heater and Coleman tent heaters are especially portable and easy to move around among catalytic tent heaters. Dr. Infrared Heater 1500W carbon infrared heater; 2. Duronic HV220 radiant convector heater. Rated 5 out of 5 by AZ Prospector from Wave 3 First Exerience Purchased the Wave 3 specifically to save propane and offer a softer heat. Wave 3 Propane Heater. By installing a Wave 3 heater, I wanted to save on battery power and avoid noisy furnace use in milder weather. Long and medium wave infrared heat . But it doesn't have a thermostat, so it can get quite toasty at 10F/-12C in my trailer just on low. Designed specifically for RVs, the Olympian Wave-3 Catalytic Safety Heater is safe, efficient, and dependable. Search. CAMCO WAVE 3 HEATER By CAMCO USD $223.90. UFO S-15 Electric Infrared Heater; 5. 1500W Electric Infrared Heater, 3 Power Adjustable Heater with Remote Control, 24-Hour Timing and LED Display, Built-in Overheat Protection, Outdoor Indoor Home Patio Wall-Mounted Heaters . 4 Camco 57331 Olympian Wave 3. It does make the inside more humid for sure. You've already flagged this Raymond 7 reviews. Its cheaper given that it uses less propane because it uses low pressure propane vs the Mr. Heater Buddy which uses high pressure. Useful. We prepared an honest comparison for you, so you should make an informed decision on the matter. DeLonghi TRD0715T . The Mr. Heater also burns through propane quickly. Never position your heater so that it is touching the side of an acrylic tank. Catalytic heating is 99.98% efficient, resulting in a low-cost heat. The Camco Olympian Wave-3 Catalytic Safety Heater is an ideal primary or secondary heating source. Good value 100% agree. “In 2017, Sigma Designs announced Z-Wave SmartStart, a combination of the Z-Wave protocol and Z-Wave gateway software layers, allowing for pre-configuration and eliminating the need to manually add devices to a Z-Wave home network, as they can automatically connect when powered on.” - Margaret Rouse, Tech Writer. £59.99, Amazon. Still, only the Olympian Wave 3 is considered to be easily portable. CASART. It produces enough heat to warm 130 square feet of space. 15 product ratings. The Wave 3 is still awesome. Wave 3 Heaters can not be recessed. The unit itself measures 10-1/4" long, 3-1/2" wide, and 11-3/4" tall. Unlike gas, electric or wood-burning heaters, this patio heater runs on bio-ethanol, a fuel produced from food waste. suitable for The self-generating piezo starter lasts for around 20,000 starts for consistent, long-term performance. Feb 19, 2019 - My review of the Camco Wave 3 Propane heater. Faulty heater doesn't work, unresponsive and unhelpful customer service. What a waste of money! I used a T-fitting to tap into the propane and feed the range and water heater. Sort. Ener-G+ Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Electric Patio Heater; 3. The Olympian Wave-3 Heater operates on low-pressure gas and can be wall mounted or used as a portable unit. Page 1 of 5 - Wave heater reviews - posted in Four Wheel Camper Discussions: I have read with interest the wave heater installation, and the furnace lighting problems. 4 stars. Raging! £108.95 £ 108. In fact, infrared heaters are capable of producing the same heating comfort that a traditional heater can while only taking up 40% of the space that the traditional heater would require. 1 rating. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … Camco is a trusted name in the industry that has been introducing top quality appliances for its users. The heater comes in dimensions of 2.2 x 59.5 x 59.5 cm with a total weight of only 2.9 kg making it extremely versatile and easy to carry when necessary. I don't like that, but it isn't awful. 4 (0) Camco 59833 12' BBQ Adapter Hose By Camco USD $16.35. It efficiently delivers the excellence and functionality that the brand promises. 1 rating. Why we like it: A solid, dependable appliance that heats up super quick. How is Suh working out for the Lions? Furthermore, with fully adjustable operation of 1600 or 3000 BTUs, the Camco Wave 3 gas catalytic heater can be used as an ideal primary or secondary heating source. You can also Filter by type, Brands, model and manufacturer or pick one of our wave 3 propane heater feature picks. DONYER POWER 1500W Electrical Patio Heater; 4. The electric heater pushes air over heated ceramic plates, offering toasty levels of heat in seconds. Although the other heaters of the same series may also be portable, its size makes it even better as such. Infrared heaters are very efficient – especially when it comes to capitalizing on space (click here for our review on Space Heaters). Similarly, this product will not drain your battery because it uses gas to make this portable heater work. It uses less fuel than the PlatCat at colder temps because it isn't venting heat as much. I'm a former Nebraskan and Huskers fan. It provides an excellent radiant heat which is very efficient in warming up the entire scene of the room.